How to sell your phone
Posted on 23rd Jul 2018 10:15:10 in Samsung, General, Apple

Many people ask the question "How to sell my Phone?"

Here are a few steps you will want to take to get your device read to sell.

  1. Make sure Activation lock is removed examples (iCloud, Google Account, Samsung )

  2. Make Sure to Clear all Personal Data from the device, Typically you can find a reset device option in the device settings

  3. Make sure you device is not financed or tied to any phone numbers. The device needs to have a Clean IMEI, Meaning not reported Lost, Stolen, Or have any unpaid bills.

  4. Have your carrier unlock your device. this adds more value to your phone or tablet  

  5. Finally, Send us your device with a Pre-Paid shipping label and get paid the same day we receive your device.